Houston, TX Certified Board Advisor

Certified Board Advisor

The CBA designation is granted to a select group of individuals with the heavy responsibility for acting as director of and/or as key advisor to corporate boards. The CBA is responsible for driving robust oversight of any corporate enterprise by deterring, detecting, responding and resolving material corporate negligence in strategic decision making as well as business irregularities & corruption before the damage is done. Each CBA must meet the rigorous standards of the Center’s certification program including character, relevant experience and accomplishments demonstrating that they are equipped with the skills and ethics necessary to direct a modern corporate enterprise.


Roles of a Certified Board Advisor (CBA):

  • ensure reasonable level of insight into a broad array of business issues in addition to a deep professional level of skill
  • develop a broad perspective on current business, strategic, legal, corporate governance, financial, regulatory and accounting developments as well as other relevant issues. 
  • critical impact on the enterprise by assuming the role of an informed inquisitive outside/insider who is not afraid to ask tough questions of the CEO and their management group.
  •  charged to do everything to drill down far enough on key questions so as to recognize and help avoid potential signs of decline
  • maintain the company as a truly healthy enterprise.
  • help management recognize the need to address tough issues before they become acute. 
  • deal proactively with both people and organizational challenges to avoid  bleak business future .
  • deliver the greatest service to the company’s shareholders and stakeholders by posing thoughtfully informed inquiries regarding each and every issue brought to the board.  
  • make corporate directorship a recognized professional activity.
  • ensure that board members perform their fiduciary duties to the shareholders 

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